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Free learning resources from ACCA

ACCA’s Virtual Learning Centre is the place to go to broaden understanding and knowledge of internal audit.

Do you need to learn about internal audit or improve your technique? Do you work in internal audit and need to demonstrate your CPD? Are you training someone on internal audit? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions and are an ACCA member, then take a look at ACCA’s Internal Audit Virtual Learning Centre (VLC).

(Scroll down for login details.)

You will find a section called ‘Learning About Internal Audit’ which aims is to supplement the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing with articles and guides that are easy to read and outline what internal auditing is like in practice and the pitfalls that often arise.

When you start off in the profession, you need to learn how to do an audit and this is explained under ‘audit basics’. This section covers all the elements of the audit cycle (planning, fieldwork, reporting, follow up) plus the essential but often overlooked areas of relationship management and assignment team management. It is useful for beginners and for those developing their knowledge. 

For each subject you can read an article, refer to a concise Practitioner’s Guide which covers the aims, principles and hints & tips, and then practice your understanding by answering five multiple choice questions.

As more content is added regularly, we have started populating the section on ‘providing assurance’. This will cover assurance planning, assurance reporting, managing the department and working with other assurance providers. There is already an article – practitioner’s guide – and a quiz on assurance planning, as well as material on ‘managing the audit department’.

Within the introduction there is also a ‘brief guide to internal auditing’ which provides an overview and also some useful reminders.

Tell us what you think
Have you used the Virtual Learning Centre before? Will the content outlined above be useful to you? We would really like you know what you think and if you have any ideas for the future development of this resource by using the feedback link within the VLC.   

How to access the VLC
Login in to your myACCA account and select the E-learning Gateway link. Then select 'ACCA Virtual Learning Centre' then select ‘internal audit’ from the menu page.

(This resource is only available to ACCA members and is free of charge.)

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