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Recommended reading

Need to brush up on your professional knowledge? Check out our recommended reading list.

Risk and reward: shared perspectives
Risk and reward: shared perspectives is a collection of reports on balancing reward with risk and making a profit responsibly and ethically. This goes to the heart of ACCA’s concept of public value. We look at how investor groups see the significance of risk and consider whether it is feasible to expect commercial businesses to operate in accordance with some conception of the ‘public good’. We also acknowledge that behavioural risk impacts on the public sector just as much as it does the private sector. A number of contributions address the assessment of ethical practice and consider how upholding ethical principles might impact performance and risk taking.

Key findings

  • running a business is not straight-forward and will be harder as economies struggle to recover from the aftermath of the credit crunch, and governments try to reduce debt
  • new ways of measuring how business and the public sector add value will be needed
  • ethical leadership and ethics are hot topics because of recent scandals
  • the importance of ethical leadership and governance cannot be underestimated for improving public services
  • investors wanting to invest for the long term are finding this difficult.

Download your copy of this report now.

It’s All About Behaviour – How boards are tackling behaviour and ethics

Produced by Independent Audit Limited with support from ACCA, this publication is a survey showing boards need to do more to check on behaviour and corporate ethics. It also provides practical steps to take and guidance on how boards can get assurance.

Download this survey now from Independent Audit Limited.  


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